Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Last day

Today's the last day of my show. 

Please pop by if you have the opportunity, it's open until 6 pm. Or actually even later tonight as Rönnells are arranging yet another great event

In any case, I'll be there around 5 if you want to meet, or slap, me.

For those who won't make it, here are three images of what I had, so to speak, in store for you.

The miniature interior in the window can be better seen here and here.

I will come back with news on this project. One of the posters will appear in large numbers at a major artistic exhibition about interior decoration in Stockholm this summer, and rumor has it that they will all be displayed in Malmö in the near future.

On Sunday I leave for a week in mainland Europe to see if there is an interest in my work in Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Copenhagen.

My train stop in Hamburg is two hours so, just enough time to take a "poster-on-tour" picture I suppose.

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