Saturday, February 23, 2013


I had to take a cab yesterday when leaving the printshop to go downtown. 

The driver was a friendly fellow whose opening line was "Welcome," always a good start.

He seemed interested in the arts, asked me about the printshop and what kind of work they do.

And what did I do, he wondered.

Eager to tell my story I mentioned my "red project" and the exhibition at Rönnells, a place he seemed quite familiar with. "Pekka is a nice guy," he said, or something of the like.

My posters are about guilt and truth, I told him, in my mind bravely because of lack of obvious irony, and he went "Yeah, those are big deals," or something similar.

I peeked at his taxi driver ID and vaguely recognized his name: Bernt Hermele.

A former journalist turned taxi driver with his own blog (in Swedish only), Bernt Hermele made the TV-documentary "My Mother Was Murdered by a Suicide Bomber" in 2005

Now there's a big deal.

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