Wednesday, February 27, 2013

14. Your fault

I just got the images of all the posters from helpful Helena.

These will be used for a 24-page leaflet to the exhibition. 

I am so happy that the brilliant writer Torbjörn Elensky (links from here on in Swedish only) has accepted my request to put words to my images. 

Or should I say make images out of my words?

Whichever, his text will be featured in the leaflet and it will be printed next week at my favorite Stockholm printers Vitt Grafiska.

Here is the first poster I made out of the 14. (Size 600x800 mm. Edition of 35. 2011)

I believe this to be true in a universal sense.

The text is a wonderful accusation, God knows who is addressing whom.

The staff at Beckmans College of Design were asked to put together an exhibition of their own work outside of school. 

This was around September 2011 and I decided to make something special for the show. THE BLAME SERIES. FEEL BAD POSTERS was the result and they looked something like this as A3 printouts at the teachers' exhibition.

I later printed the first four in full size (600x800mm). YOU'RE TO BLAME and YOU ARE WAY OUT OF LINE  were never printed in full size, off-set. Maybe one day.

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