Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Poster for the posters

I went to Rönnells to have a look at the ten frames that were delivered today.

The store is so great, completely library-like. No interior decorator in sight for ages.

My posters – sans frames – will be lining the wall which on the pictures is covered with miscellaneous artwork, all pinned directly to the wall with those little black clips I've always liked.

Wait till you see the shop windows!

One of the guys running the store asked me today, as he had helped me carry the frames down to Rönnells' fascinating basement store rooms: "So, do you have a poster for this?"

I had to think twice before I was able to reply "No… as a matter of fact, I don't".

Imagine being a graphic designer preparing an exhibition of your own posters for weeks, yes months, without even once considering designing a poster – a poster for the posters.

All this blogging is making me extraordinarily dizzy.

And right now, around midnight, preparing that extra A3 advert, while simultaneously finishing the leaflet artwork for delivery tomorrow and, in addition, preparing material to the special film  c l i p  two talented students are helping me out with, I could use a couple of those poster clips to keep my eyes open.

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