Friday, March 15, 2013

Please fill out this form

Nothing's too insignificant to publish on a blog.

Here's a form that you need to see, designed par moi, for potential costumers to fill in tomorrow at Rönnells

For a graphic designer, or for me anyhow, this kind of product is as essential as the actual thing, the thing in this case being one of the prints.

On the form, there is a choice of buying a poster with or without a white or an unpainted frame.

Some posters are no longer available, some never have been, since they were not actually printed. They are all represented on the form however, 16 prints all in all. I thought a comprehensive overview which at the same time is a receipt was a good idea.

The night before an opening is a bit like something in between the night before Christmas and the one before your execution. 

You kind of know what to expect afterwards.

But will it be a relief or a disappointment?

I am already really happy about this report (link in Swedish only) from one of the two major Swedish daily newspapers.

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